RV09 Horizontal 12.5 mm Shaft Potentiometer


This is an adjustable resistor or variable resistor (variable resistance). It can be used as a rheostat, but structurally it has 3 contacts in its composition, which allows it to be used as a voltage divider. The change in resistance occurs when the handle is turned.

1 kOhm10 kOhm100 kOhm2 kOhm20 kOhm5 kOhm50 kOhm
10 Pcs



Electrical Specifications
Total Resistance
5 kΩ – 500 kΩ
Total Resistance Tolerance
± 20%
Max. Operation Voltage
50 V AC / 20 V DC
Rated Power
0.05 W
Slider Noise
≥100 mV
Insulation Resistance
≥ 100 MΩ
Residual Resistance
≤ 20 Ohm Max


Mechanical Specifications
Total Rotational Angle
280° ± 5°
Rotational Torque
10 – 80 gf·cm
Rotational Life
10,000 cycles
Stop Strength
3 kgf·cm


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