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The most commonly used raw material for flux paste – Rosin soldering flux for electronics

The main components of rosin are rosin acid and pimaric acid, which are generally neutral. Liquid rosin has a certain activity and is weakly acidic. It can react with oxides on the metal surface to form compounds such as copper rosin acid, which are suspended on the surface of the solder. And when used, there is no corrosion, and the insulation is strong. Generally speaking, rosin is the most commonly used raw material for soldering flux paste.


High purity rosin flux paste, good helper for repairing and welding

One-touch welding, Let the welding be solid and firm!

How to Use Rosin Flux:

  • Before starting to solder, please make sure that the surface to be soldered is as clean as possible so that the flux is not flooded.
  • Set the soldering iron to a high enough temperature (about 180°C) to thoroughly heat the type of solder used.
  • Add additional flux to wires that need to be tinned or other larger areas of the board to be soldered.
  • Use a soldering iron tip to heat the two surfaces to be connected (usually the component pins and the pads or holes of the circuit board) to the same temperature at the same time.
  • Add the solder to the heated joint, making sure it flows and covers the surface to be joined.
  • When finished, remove excess flux.
  • Please Note: Due to high temperature work, please keep away from children and pay attention to work safety.


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