RM MUA100 – 405-480 MHz (100 W) Linear Amplifier


The RM Italy MUA100 is a high-performance, wideband UHF amplifier designed to enhance the range and capabilities of handheld or low-power base/portable UHF radios.


RM MUA100 - 405-480 MHz (100 W) Linear AmplifierOperating within the 405-480 MHz frequency band, this compact amplifier provides a powerful 100-watt output from a modest 12V supply, making it ideal for on-the-go communications. It supports low-power transceivers with input power ranging from 1 to 5 watts.

One of the standout features of the MUA100 is its automatic RTX switching capability, which allows for seamless operation without the need for manual push-to-talk (PTT) activation, although a PTT input is available and recommended for SSB usage.

This ensures ease of use in various communication environments. Additionally, the amplifier is built with robust protection against excessive antenna standing wave ratio (SWR), which safeguards the equipment from potential damage caused by antenna mismatch issues.RM MUA100 - 405-480 MHz (100 W) Linear Amplifier

The unit also incorporates a cooling fan, ensuring reliable performance even under extended operating times. This combination of power, functionality, and protection makes the MUA100 an excellent choice for amateurs and professionals looking to extend the coverage of their UHF radio communications without compromising on portability or quality.


Frequency Range405 – 480 MHz
Power Supply12 – 16V DC
Max Input Current10 – 20 A
Fuse2 x 12 A
Input Power0.5 – 5W max
Output Power100W max
Dimensions190 x 190 x 83 mm
Weight1.5 kg


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Weight2 kg