RM LA435 UHF Wideband Compact Amplifier


The RM LA435 is a highly efficient, compact amplifier designed for the UHF frequency band, specifically covering 405 to 480 MHz.


The RM LA435 is an advanced UHF wideband compact amplifier designed to enhance communication capabilities within the 405 to 480 MHz frequency range. This robust unit boasts an output power of 60W nominal with a peak capability of 70W, making it highly effective for rigorous applications. It is particularly tailored for use with low-power handheld transceivers, accepting an input drive from 1W to a maximum of 5W.

Key features of the LA435 include its automatic RF switching between receive (RX) and transmit (TX) modes, ensuring seamless operation. It supports both SSB and FM modes, with a special delay feature in SSB to prevent frequent relay switching during speech pauses.

For installation, the LA435 requires a power cable of less than 3 meters to connect directly to an automobile’s battery, enhanced with a 12 to 15A safety fuse for protection against short circuits. Both the RF cable linking the transceiver to the amplifier and the amplifier to the antenna should be as short as possible, with a 50 Ohms impedance, suitable for the operational frequency.

The compact design of the LA435 necessitates a strategic installation to provide adequate ventilation and cooling, particularly when operating at full power. The amplifier’s performance is optimal when installed in locations that accommodate ambient temperature variations and provide sufficient airflow.

This amplifier is an ideal solution for users seeking to boost their UHF band transmission capabilities in both mobile and stationary settings, offering reliability and performance in a compact, efficient package.

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