RM LA250V – 140-150 MHz (200 W) Linear Amplifier (With Fans)


RM LA-250 Series VHF linear amplifiers are wideband, compact amplifiers covering 140 to 150 MHz. These high-power 2-meter amplifiers will provide up to 200 watts FM output.


The RM LA250V is a robust 200W linear amplifier, specifically designed for the 140-150 MHz frequency range. It accommodates an input power range of 1 to 20W, operating on a 13.6V 30A power source. This unit features four Mitsubishi RD70 Mosfets, efficiently mounted on a copper heat spreader for superior heat dissipation.

One of the standout features of the LA250V is its dual activation capability. It includes an external PTT (Push-To-Talk) input but also offers a built-in HF-VOX, allowing for hands-free operation based on voice activation. The front panel is equipped with an LCD display that provides real-time monitoring of input and output power, heat sink temperature, and output VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio). Additionally, users can adjust the backlight intensity of the display for enhanced visibility under various lighting conditions.

Safety and performance are prioritized with an integrated CPU that monitors input power, temperature, and VSWR. This system is designed to automatically shut down the amplifier in the event of a fault to prevent damage, and it records any errors for future diagnostics. This makes it an ideal choice for both amateur radio enthusiasts and professional operators who need reliable, high-performance amplification with advanced diagnostic capabilities.

Key Features / Specifications:

Operation Frequency140 – 150 MHz (2 m Amateur VHF Band)
Modulation TypesSSB, CW, AM, FM, data etc (All narrowband modes)
Transistor4 x Mitsubishi RD70HVF1
Power Supply13V DC ± 1V 40 A
Input Fuse (Internal)3 x 10 A (5 x 20 mm Fast)
Input RF Power1 – 15 W; 20 W max (All modes)
Output RF Power (Nominal)30 – 210W; 200W max AM / FM / CW
Maximum Bypass Power (Amplifier off)50 W
Input VSWR1.1—1.5:1
Output VSWR Maximum2.8:1
ProtectionReverse Polarity, High Temperature, Load VSWR and Excessive I/P power
Size240 x 420 x 80 mm
Weight4 kg


Additional information

Weight4.3 kg