RM KL405 – 3.6-30 MHz (200W) Linear Amplifier (with PRE-AMP)


The RM KL405 is a robust linear amplifier designed to significantly boost signal strength across a wide frequency range of 3.6 to 30 MHz. Engineered for high-power operation, this amplifier is capable of delivering up to 200 watts of output power, making it ideal for amateur radio enthusiasts, CB operators, and other radio communication applications.


Featuring a versatile design, the RM KL405 amplifier offers variable output power settings, allowing users to adjust the output levels to suit their specific needs. With six distinct stages of adjustment, users can fine-tune the output power from a minimum of approximately 50 watts to a maximum output of 200 watts, providing flexibility for various operating conditions and power requirements.

Additionally, the amplifier is equipped with a built-in pre-amplifier that can be switched on or off as needed. While the pre-amplifier’s gain is not adjustable, its inclusion enhances the overall performance of the amplifier, improving signal reception and transmission capabilities across the supported frequency range.

Built with durability and reliability in mind, the RM KL405 features a rugged construction and efficient cooling system to ensure stable operation even during prolonged use. Whether used for DXing, contesting, or general communication purposes, this amplifier offers exceptional performance and versatility for radio enthusiasts seeking to maximize their signal strength and reach.


Frequency 3.6-30 MHz
Power Supply 12-14V
Input Amps 14-22A
Input Power 1-10W
Output Power 200W
Fuse 2 x 12A
Size 170 x 210 x 62 mm
Weight 980 g
Antenna Pre-Amplifier 26 dB


Please Note: Do not exceed Input Power – The manufacturer’s RM Italy do not repair any amplifiers that have been over-driven by mistake under warranty and charges are very expensive.

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Weight 1.1 kg