RM KL35 – 20-30 MHz (35W) Linear Amplifier


The RM KL35 Linear Amplifier is a reliable and compact device designed to provide an additional power boost when operating within the 20-30 MHz frequency range. With a power output of 35 watts, it’s well-suited for enhancing AM/FM transmissions, offering increased clarity and reach.


It’s important to note that the RM KL35 is specifically optimized for AM/FM signals and cannot be utilized for Single Sideband (SSB) transmissions. This makes it an ideal choice for those focusing solely on these modes of communication.

One notable feature of the RM KL35 is its streamlined design, lacking an on/off switch on the unit itself. However, it incorporates a built-in relay system, enabling users to conveniently control the amplifier’s power status by adding an external switch to the power cable. This design choice enhances flexibility, allowing users to discreetly install and manage the amplifier as needed.

Overall, the RM KL35 Linear Amplifier offers a blend of performance, convenience, and versatility, making it a valuable addition to any radio enthusiast’s setup. Whether you’re seeking to extend the range of your AM/FM transmissions or looking for a compact amplifier solution, the RM KL35 delivers reliable amplification in a sleek package.


Frequency Range20-30 MHz
Power Supply12-14V DC
Max Input Current4A
Input Power1-5W max
Output Power25-35W max
Size109 x 81 x 35 mm
Weigh210 g


Please Note: Do not Exceed Input Power – the manufacturers RM Italy do not repair any amplifiers that have been overdriven by mistake under warranty and charges are very expensive.

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Weight0.4 kg