RM KL300 20–30 MHz (300W) Linear Amplifier


Compact mobile amplifier with switchable pre-amplifier. 300W linear amplifier ideal for 10 m transceivers. Inversion polarity protection.


300W Linear Amplifier ideal for 10 m transceivers. Please Note: Do not exceed Input Power – The manufacturer’s RM Italy do not repair any amplifiers that have been over-driven by mistake under warranty and charges are very expensive – If you are unsure please call or email for further details.



Frequency 20-30 MHz
Power Supply 12-14V
Input Amps 14-20A
Input Power 1-5W
Output Power SSB 300W
Output Power  150W max
Fuse 2 x 12A
Output Power Level 2
Size 109 x 225 x 35 mm
Weight 650 g


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Weight 0.8 kg