RM KL300 20–30 MHz (300W) Linear Amplifier


The RM KL300 20-30 MHz (300W) Linear Amplifier is a compact and versatile amplifier designed for mobile use. With its switchable pre-amplifier, it offers enhanced signal amplification for clearer communication.

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Boasting a power output of 300W, it’s particularly well-suited for 10-meter transceivers, providing a significant boost to your transmission capabilities.

One notable feature of the RM KL300 is its inversion polarity protection, ensuring added safety and durability by guarding against potential electrical mishaps. This protection mechanism helps safeguard both the amplifier itself and any connected equipment, providing peace of mind during operation.

Whether you’re a mobile operator looking to extend your reach or a base station user seeking to enhance your setup, the RM KL300 offers reliable performance in a compact package, making it an ideal choice for amplifying signals within the 20-30 MHz frequency range.


Frequency20-30 MHz
Power Supply12-14V
Input Amps14-20A
Input Power1-5W
Output Power SSB300W
Output Power 150W max
Fuse2 x 12A
Output Power Level2
Size109 x 225 x 35 mm
Weight650 g

Please Note: Do not exceed Input Power – The manufacturer’s RM Italy do not repair any amplifiers that have been over-driven by mistake under warranty and charges are very expensive – If you are unsure please call or email for further details.

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