RM KL200P 25–30 MHz (100W) Linear Amplifier


The RM KL200P 25-30 MHz (100W) Linear Amplifier is a compact and efficient addition to any mobile radio setup. Designed for ease of use and optimal performance, this amplifier offers a seamless integration with your existing equipment.


Equipped with a switchable pre-amplifier, the RM KL200P enhances the signal strength for improved communication range. Unlike some amplifiers, both the output and pre-amp gain are not variable, simplifying operation and ensuring consistent performance.RM KL200P 25–30 MHz (100W) Linear Amplifier

At the heart of this amplifier lies a single SD1446 bipolar RF transistor, renowned for its reliability and power efficiency. This transistor ensures robust amplification across the frequency range, delivering a clean and powerful signal output.

Whether you’re operating in the field or on the road, the RM KL200P offers a reliable solution to boost your radio signal without sacrificing portability or efficiency.


Frequency Range20-30 MHz
Power Supply12-14V DC
Max Input Current8-11A
Fuse12 A
Input Power1-5W
Output Power100W
Size109 x 125 x 35 mm
Weight315 g
Preamplifier26 dB


Please Note: Do not EXCEED Input Power – The manufacturer’s RM Italy do not repair any amplifiers that have been over-driven by mistake under warranty and charges are very expensive – If you are unsure please call or email for further details.


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Weight3.5 kg