RM HLA300V Black 1.8-30 MHz (300 W) All Mode Amplifier with Fans


The RM Model HLA300V Black covers from 1.8 – 30 MHz, and with up to 300 watts (550 PEP) on tap, gives you the edge working those weaker DX stations. Also features electronic switching, PTT input, watt meter, forced multispeed ventilation, and 6 low-pass filters (manual or auto selectable).

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RM HLA300V Black 1.8-30 MHz (300 W) All Mode Amplifier with FansThe RM HLA300V Black is a robust linear amplifier designed for HF bands, covering frequencies from 1.8 to 30 MHz. Offering a maximum output of 300 watts (550 PEP), it enhances your ability to communicate with distant stations. Key features include electronic switching, a PTT input, and an LED-watt meter that provides real-time performance data.

This model is equipped with a 280 W max output on 12 V and supports a drive power range of 1 to 15 W. It includes six manually or automatically selectable low-pass filters, controlled via a microprocessor, which ensure cleaner transmission by reducing unwanted frequency emissions. The front panel also offers manual control over these filters for customized operation.

Safety is prioritized with built-in protection circuitry that activates to prevent damage under adverse conditions, such as high spurious emissions or incorrect band selection. The amplifier’s efficiency is further enhanced by forced multispeed ventilation, featuring three 80 mm cooling fans on the heatsink to maintain optimal operating temperatures.RM HLA300V Black 1.8-30 MHz (300 W) All Mode Amplifier with Fans

Connectivity is facilitated through dual PL IN/OUT connectors and a cinch socket for PTT, which is active low. This amplifier combines high performance, detailed monitoring, and protective features, making it a reliable choice for amateur radio enthusiasts aiming to extend their reach and clarity across HF bands.


  • 2 Output power levels
  • 3 Fans installed on this amp
  • Electronic switch
  • Microprocessor
  • SWR & thermal protection
  • Watt meter
  • Band selector
  • PTT switch
  • 6 Low-pass filter manual or automatic selection
  • Forced multispeed ventilation


Frequency Range1.8-30 MHz, all band all mode
Supply12 – 14V
Input Energy/Power40A
Input Power2 – 15W
Input Power SSB2 – 20W
Output Power200W Max
Output Power SSB400W Max
Fuse4 x 10A
Size450 x 190 x 70 mm
Weight3.3 kg


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