RM BLA703 500W Amplifier


The RM BLA703 is a powerful 500W amplifier designed for base station use, operating efficiently across a 25 – 30MHz frequency range.

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The RM BLA703 is a robust 500W amplifier designed for base station use, operating across the 25-30 MHz frequency range. This high-power unit is equipped with a switched mode power supply, ensuring efficient performance while being light enough for easy handling. It can be powered by AC inputs ranging from 100 to 240VAC, accommodating a wide array of power sources.

The BLA703 accepts an input power range from 1W to 35W, amplifying it to a maximum output of 500W. It includes several protective features to enhance its longevity and reliability, such as safeguards against excessive input drive, antenna VSWR, temperature, and out-of-band transmissions. These protections ensure that the amplifier operates safely under various conditions.

Additionally, the amplifier boasts high efficiency and cooling capabilities, featuring a large heatsink coupled with two large, low-noise fans, which help maintain optimal operating temperatures for continuous and reliable performance. The BLA703 also supports both VOX and PTT inputs and includes an SSB delay feature for enhanced voice operation in VOX mode.

With a harmonic output of greater than -50dBc, the BLA703 meets FCC regulations without the need for additional filtering. This makes it a practical choice for amateur radio enthusiasts and professionals looking for a powerful and dependable amplifier within this specific frequency range.


Frequency25 – 30MHz
Power Supply110 – 230 – 240V AC
Input Power1 – 35W max (All modes)
Output Power500W Max
Input VSWR1.1 – 1.5:1
Dimensions415 x 305 x 170 mm
Weight13 kg

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Weight13.3 kg