RIG-B CB Radio Standard Adjustable Bracket


The RIG-B CB Radio Standard Adjustable Bracket is a versatile and reliable mounting solution designed to accommodate a wide range of radio transceivers.


Its adjustable design allows for easy customization to fit radios ranging from 13 cm to 22 cm in size, making it a popular choice for various vehicle setups.

This durable bracket is built to securely hold most mid-to full-sized CB radios, providing a stable and practical mounting option for communication devices.

With an adjustable range from 134 mm to 210 mm, this bracket ensures compatibility with a variety of radio models, offering flexibility for different installation needs.

Please keep in mind that while this adjustable bracket is suitable for a range of radio sizes, it may not be compatible with compact CB radios like the Uniden 520 or the Cobra DX 19 IV due to its larger size.

RIG-B CB Radio Standard Adjustable Bracket



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