Retekess TR103 Digital Pocket Mini FM/MW/SW Portable Receiver

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Pocket mini receiver with mp3 player Retekess TR103 is designed to operate in the ranges: medium wave (MW) – 520-1710 kHz, short wave (SW) – 3.2-22.0 MHz and ultrashort wave (VHF + FM) – 64-108 MHz. The built-in player of the Retekess TP103 receiver can play MP3 and WMA files recorded on a microSD card. When connected to a computer via a USB – micro USB cable, the device is defined as an external storage device. Therefore, files can be written to a memory card without removing it from the slot. Despite its mini size, the TR103 is equipped with a powerful speaker and provides good sound quality.



The Retekess TR103 pocket receiver meets ergonomic requirements. The device easily and pleasantly lies in the palm of your hand, thanks to its miniature size. All edges and corners are rounded for better tactile perception. The front panel contains only the loudspeaker grille, LCD screen and three player control buttons. The function button and volume keys are on the right side panel, while the power slide switch is on the left. Under the volume buttons are a micro-SD card slot and a micro-USB connector. The top panel contains a foldable telescopic antenna and a headphone jack.

The Retekess TR103 mini receiver is powered by a non-removable 600 mAh lithium-ion battery, charged in 4 hours by the built-in charger from an external 5V USB adapter.

Advantages of Retekess TR103 Mini Receiver

The Retekess TR103 miniature pocket receiver has the following features:

  1. Mini size and weight.
  2. Digital tuner.
  3. Two types of search.
  4. Powerful speaker.
  5. MP3 player.
  6. Two types of files.
  7. DSP processing.
  8. MicroSD slot.
  9. LCD display.
Retekess TR103 Digital Pocket Mini FM/MW/SW Portable Receiver


  • The Retekess pocket receiver is really mini in size, only 88 x 45 x 18 mm, and very light in weight – 67 grams.
  • The digital tuner provides frequency stability and the ability to memorize the frequency values of the found radio stations.
  • The device can work with two types of station search – automatic and manual.
  • The speaker has a large power, 3 watts, given its miniature size. This ensures sufficient volume.
  • The MP3 player plays two types of music and speech files: MP3 and WMA formats.
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) improves the quality of radio reception.
  • The TF slot accepts microSD cards up to 64 GB.
  • The monochrome LCD display shows the operating range, reception frequency, battery level or mp3 player information.

Retekess TR103 Pocket Receiver Features

The Retekess TR103 pocket receiver has the following features:

  1. Three ranges of reception.
  2. 16 volume levels.
  3. Stereo mode in FM.
  4. Headphone jack.
  5. Two steps of searching on MW.
  6. Retractable antenna.
  7. Ferrite antenna.
 Retekess TR103 Digital Pocket Mini FM/MW/SW Portable Receiver
  • Three bands in the Retekess TR103 pocket receiver allow you to receive radio stations both in the city on the FM band ( 64/87-108 MHz ), and far from it, in nature, on hikes – on MW and SW.
  • The volume is controlled by buttons and has 16 level gradations.
  • On the FM band, stereo reception is possible. It only turns on when there is a strong signal from the FM radio station with headphones connected.
  • There is a 3.5 mm jack on the top panel of the device to connect headphones. Turning on the headphones reduces battery consumption.
  • On the MW band, two seek steps can be used, 9 kHz for European radio stations, 10 kHz for American ones.
  • The retractable telescopic antenna in the unfolded form is used on the SW and FM bands. By changing the position of the telescopic antenna in space, the reception quality is improved. When folded, the antenna is completely hidden in the body of the device.
  • The Retekess TR103 pocket receiver’s built-in ferrite antenna enables medium wave (MW) reception without extending the telescopic antenna.


Retekess TR103 Digital Pocket Mini FM/MW/SW Portable ReceiverRetekess TR103 Digital Pocket Mini FM/MW/SW Portable ReceiverRetekess TR103 Digital Pocket Mini FM/MW/SW Portable ReceiverRetekess TR103 Digital Pocket Mini FM/MW/SW Portable Receiver


Benefits of Retekess TR103 Mini Radio Receiver Compared to PR12

The Retekess TR103 and PR12 mini receivers are very similar in appearance and functionality. At the same time, the Retekess TR103 radio receiver has the following advantages in comparison with the younger PR12 model:

  1. Added SW shortwave band.
  2. Increased battery capacity to 600 mAh.
  3. Larger memory card capacity, up to 64 GB.

The Retekess TR103 mini receiver has all the functionality of the PR12 plus additional features. However, if you only need an FM radio, then the Retekess PR12 can be used.


Recommendations for using the Retekess TR103 Pocket Miniature Receiver

The Retekess TR103 pocket miniature radio receiver is recommended for receiving FM radio stations in the city and in the MW and SW bands away from urban interference. The device can also be used as a player for mp3 files from a microSD card. The Retekess TR103 mini radio receiver is convenient to carry in your pocket due to its miniature size and light weight.

We advise you to get acquainted with the full list of receivers to select the optimal model for your use.


The Package Includes:

  • TR103 Receiver
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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