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Medical curved blunt scissors are special tactical scissors for field medicine and first aid kit.



Tactical scissors are special scissors for cutting clothes and dressings on the victim. They are used by field doctors and are part of most first-aid kits. A distinctive feature is that they are blunt and have a special bend, as a result of which they cannot accidentally cut themselves or injure the patient. Given that first aid is usually accompanied by a lot of stress, and for some, tremors (hands shaking) – this is very important. Unlike a knife, which can accidentally cut a patient or cut yourself, blunt medical scissors are great for first aid. Rescue Tactical Scissors
Rescue Tactical Scissors Advantages:

In a stressful situation, every second can be decisive. Try cutting through a camouflage jacket, thick sweater, or tight jeans with regular scissors. Or at least just a few layers of fabric – for example, a jacket with a T-shirt. Multitool scissors or a pocket knife are very poorly suited for this kind of work. It is easy to poke the victim or yourself with them, especially if your hands are covered in the blood of the victim… Who twitches in pain and lies far from calm… It is in such cases that tactical curved medical scissors are used, designed to reduce the number of accidental injuries to zero, as well as increase the speed of the cut, regardless of the material.

Operating Principle:

The blades of tactical scissors operate on the principle of two wedges, which are in close contact with the tips at the moment they pass against each other at the “cut point”. This allows the blades to be evenly brought to each other by the cutting edge, closing at one point and providing a consistent cut of tissues. The cut line is smooth, without deviations or “chewing”. Thanks to this quality, these scissors are used in field medicine – because they can do what a conventional cutting tool cannot handle. Due to the wide blade and “sloping” shape of the sharpening, they exert enough pressure to cut through a piece of plastic or a 10-kopeck coin.

Rescue Tactical Scissors Rescue Tactical Scissors Rescue Tactical Scissors



Curved medical scissors are widely used in medicine and rescue services. They are used to cut tight medical bandages, button bandages, multi-layer elastic bandages or other “hard” and multi-layer dressings. In addition to being used for first aid, for medical purposes and general surgical practice, curved blunt medical scissors are used to remove dressing and suture material, to remove plaster and bandage dressings, to cut surgical sutures, to free the victim from excess clothing (to cut clothing around the wound).


  • The special curved shape provides an ergonomic grip – there is no need to bend the hand, pressing it against the patient’s body.
  • The angle of the bend allows you to apply more pressure on the material being cut – just tilt the blade back a little.
  • A special “tongue” at the end of the blade allows you to fold aside the cut clothes or dressings.
  • Special hole for stripping wires, stripping insulation, biting off buttons or pulling off rivets.
  • Strong enough to cut through any material: bandages, dressings, clothing, jeans, nylon, plastic, metal.


  • Full Name: Tactical medical blunt scissors.
  • Main Purpose: cutting clothes and dressings on the victim.
  • Additional Purposes: cut bandages, bandages, equipment, belts, shoes, unloadings, pouches, backpacks, ropes, cords, tents, any other field and household items.
  • Type: Articulated scissors.
  • Handle: With carabiner for hanging.
  • Total Length: 19 cm
  • Shoulder Angle: 29°
  • Material: Plastic, stainless steel
  • Weight: 52 grams

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

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    Good scissors I think.

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    I recommend it! Zamovlennyam is pre-war!

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    I’m extremely satisfied with these scissors. They feel solid and made of quality. Perfect addition to my first aid kit. Highly recommend to anyone shopping for a pair.

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    Good product

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