Radar-AMP1090 Professional Low Noise Pre Amplifier Kit


Introducing the Radar-AMP1090 Professional Low Noise Pre Amplifier Kit, the ultimate solution tailored for enthusiasts utilizing AirNav Radar Box Pro, 3D, Kinetic SBS, or analogous systems. Elevate your radar reception capabilities to unprecedented heights and extract the utmost from your hobby with this comprehensive masthead pre-amplifier kit.


Featuring a formidable 12 dB gain, this kit is finely tuned to operate specifically within the 1090 MHz frequency range, ensuring optimal performance for aircraft tracking and surveillance. The high gain, low noise pre-amplifier embedded within the kit guarantees enhanced sensitivity and precision in detecting aircraft signals.

Equipped with a 230V 3-pin mains plug, the included Bias Tee seamlessly powers the masthead pre-amplifier, eliminating the need for complex external power sources. With the Bias Tee’s capability to facilitate the transmission of 12V power via the antenna coax, installation and operation become effortlessly streamlined, granting users unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

Radar-AMP1090 Professional Low Noise Pre Amplifier Kit

Unlock a broader spectrum of aircraft visibility, extend your detection range, and delve deeper into the intricacies of your aviation hobby with the Radar-AMP1090 Professional Low Noise Pre Amplifier Kit.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Massive 12 dB gain
  • Specifically for 1090 MHz
  • High gain low noise pre-amplifier
  • Includes 230V 3-pin mains plug to power Bias Tee
  • Bias Tee to allow you to feed 12V to mast head pre-amp via the antenna coax

Please Note: Requires two connecting leads – one from pre-amp to external antenna and one from pre-amp to Bias T (lead from Bias T to receiver included).



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