QYT KT-780 Plus 100W Powerful Car Transceiver


  • Compact and rigid car radio with colorful screen
  • 5Tone 2Tone ANI DTMF function
  • Remote stun, remote kill, remote revive
  • High power output 100W
  • External speaker/PTT
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Car radio QYT KT-780PLUS high power, will be an indispensable assistant to drivers whose work requires constant communication. Due to its compactness it does not take up much space. Due to the fact that this radio is able to communicate in a range of up to 10 km, it is most often used by taxi and courier services, cash collection services and truckers.

In addition, enterprises that have a product delivery department can also use such devices to provide communication. Very easy to use, the car radio is installed in the car and does not require additional equipment to use. The radio station antenna is brought out. In addition to its basic functions, such a model is able to delight you with broadcasting channels. This model is equipped with a set of functions necessary for operation.


With the buttons on the front panel, you can easily enter the commands you need. All information will be displayed on the screen. Using the QYT KT-780PLUS car radio station, you provide yourself with uninterrupted affordable communication. This is especially important when it is not possible to use other communications due to lack of coverage. In addition, the radio station does not require additional investments, such as account replenishment, etc.

General Specirications
Frequency RangeVHF: 136 – 174 MHz
Channel CapacityVHF: 256 Channels
Channel Spacing25 KHz \ 20 KHz \ 12.5 KHz
Channel Step2.5 KHz \ 5 KHz \ 6.25 KHz \ 10 KHz \ 12.5 KHz \ 25 KHz
Working Voltage13.8V DC +- 15%
Squelch WayCARRIER \ CTCSS \ DCS \ 5Tone \ 2Tone\ DTMF
Frequency Stability+- 2.5ppm
Operating Temperature-20 +60C
Dimension140 (W) x 43 (H) x 172 (D) mm
Weight1.03 kg

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg