President Randy III Handheld CB Transceiver


Introducing the President Randy III Handheld CB Transceiver, the pinnacle of portable communication solutions. Engineered with precision and innovation by the President, this compact powerhouse redefines versatility and performance in the world of CB radios.


Equipped with 40 channels in both AM and FM modes, the Randy III ensures seamless communication across diverse landscapes. Its intuitive up/down channel selector allows effortless navigation through frequencies, while volume adjustment and ON/OFF controls put command at your fingertips.

Experience crystal-clear reception and transmission with features like manual squelch and Automatic Squelch Control (ASC), ensuring optimal signal clarity in any environment. The Randy III boasts a Multi-functions LCD display, providing essential information such as frequencies and S-meter readings with precision and clarity.

Advanced filtering technologies including ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter), NB (Noise Blanker), and HI-CUT filters eliminate interference, delivering pristine audio quality even in noisy conditions.

President Randy III Handheld CB Transceiver

The Randy III comes complete with a comprehensive accessory package, including a rubber duck antenna for reliable signal reception, a rechargeable battery for extended operation, a convenient belt clip for easy portability, and a mic clip for secure attachment. Additionally, the package includes a PSU (Power Supply Unit), a home charger, and a mobile charge module, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply wherever you go.

For enhanced connectivity options, the Randy III features an SO239 connector for external antenna connection, allowing for extended range and improved signal strength. The included cigar lighter adapter ensures convenient power supply options, perfect for on-the-go usage.

Whether you’re traversing the open road or navigating urban landscapes, the President Randy III Handheld CB Transceiver empowers you with unparalleled communication capabilities, making it the ultimate companion for adventurers and professionals alike.

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