President Himalaya Base CB Antenna


Welcome to a world of unparalleled connectivity and remarkable signal strength with the President Himalaya Wide Band half wave base antenna. Designed for those seeking professional-grade performance, this meticulously crafted antenna effortlessly covers three radio bands, ensuring exceptional communication across various frequencies.


Whether you’re an avid CB enthusiast or a passionate amateur radio operator, prepare to be amazed by the exceptional capabilities of this illustrious antenna. With outstanding performance and impressively low SWR (Standing Wave Ratio), it guarantees crystal-clear transmissions and optimal reception even in challenging environments.

Unleash your potential on the airwaves as you harness the power of this versatile masterpiece. Seamlessly connect with other enthusiasts on the widely recognized CB radio at 27 MHz. But why stop there? Push your limits further by exploring the realms of DX communication on both 10 and 12-meter Amateur bands, expanding your possibilities like never before.

An impressive gain of +8 dBi ensures that every interaction is conducted with enhanced clarity and vigor. Whether you’re engaging in lively discussions or participating in critical communications, rest assured that every word will be heard loud and clear by those who matter most.

Built to withstand rigorous usage demands, this robust antenna boasts an astounding power handling capacity up to 2000 W PEP (Peak Envelope Power). Say goodbye to limitations as you make seamless transitions between channels without worrying about excess power surges compromising your connection quality.


ConstructionFiberglas / graphite
SWR1.15/1 pre-adjusted
Gain1.15/1 pre-adjusted
Power Handling2000 W PEP
Frequency8000 KHz (800 ch)
Weight2 kg
Length5270 mm

Additional information

Weight2.2 kg