PowerTector PT10 Low Voltage Disconnect (Battery Guard)


The PowerTector PT10 Battery Guard is a solid-state device that will monitor the source voltage and disconnect the equipment from the battery if the voltage falls below a pre-determined level.


This can work to ensure that there is always sufficient voltage remaining in the battery to start a vehicle engine or ensure power is available for other critical applications. The total discharge of a lead-acid battery can also cause damage to the cells significantly shortening the life of the battery so the PT10 can also be set to disconnect equipment at a lower voltage that will still protect the battery from total discharge while allowing for maximum battery usage.

This 10 A unit offers a simple inline system, usually wired to a specific piece of equipment. This unit does not require chassis mounting and simply connects and ties wrap neatly within the wiring system.

The package includes PT10, programming lead, 4 x cable ties, 4 x crimp connectors, and instructions.

Special Features:

  • IP65 rated
  • Max current: 10 A
  • Connection for remote alarm
  • 10 programmable voltage settings
  • Automatic mode selection 12/24 V
  • Supplied with Faston crimp connectors



Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg