Portable Power Station PPS-010


The portable power station PPS-010 compact and lightweight solar generator is perfect for all your outdoor needs. With its pure sine wave AC outlet, it provides safe power for all your devices.

100 - 120 V220 - 230 V


With its built-in solar panel, you can recharge the PPS-010 batteries using renewable energy. So whether you’re roughing it in the wilderness or just enjoying a weekend away from civilization, the PPS-010 will help you keep your devices powered up and running. The PPS-010 is the perfect choice for powering your adventures.

The portable power station PPS-010 600 W power station can provide up to 568 Wh of electricity, enough to keep your devices charged and running for hours. It also features a 110 V/220 V pure sine wave AC outlet, making it compatible with most devices. Its compact size makes it easy to take anywhere you go. The generator uses an advanced solar panel to recharge, making it eco-friendly as well as convenient. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have backup power when you need it.


  • Optional Capacity: 153600 mAh (568 Wh)
  • Size: 275 x 170 x 215 mm
  • Battery Type: 21700 Lithium Batteries
  • Input: DC: 12 V – 24 V (20 V, 5A )/5A
  • Output: Car Charger Port: 12 V/10A
  • AC Output Port: 600 W (100 – 240 V)
  • USB-A Port: 5 V/4.2A
  • USB-C Port: PD 65 W
  • DC Output Port: 12 V/10A


The Package Includes:

  • AC Power Station 600 W
  • Manuel
  • Bag
  • AC/DC Adapter with AC Cable
  • Car Charger Cable

Additional information

Weight7.2 kg


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