PNI HP8024 12/24V AM/FM CB Radio Transceiver


CB radio station with adjustable ASQ and 12V/24V power supply. CB PNI Escort HP 8024 radio station can be mounted both on cars with 12V power supply, as well as on trucks or TIRs with 24V power supply.

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The PNI HP8024 12/24V AM/FM CB Radio Transceiver redefines convenience and clarity in the realm of CB radio communication. Featuring an innovative adjustable automatic squelch (ASQ), this radio offers unparalleled comfort for even the most discerning users. Say goodbye to interference, background noise, and jamming as the ASQ function can eliminate up to 100% of these distractions within the CB band.

Taking steering comfort into consideration, PNI has placed the automatic squelch (ASQ) on/off button conveniently on the microphone, along with user-friendly up/down buttons for seamless channel changes.

In addition, the CB PNI Escort radio station HP8024 boasts a front panel switch for quick selection between emergency channel (19), normal operating mode (CH), and key lock function (L) to prevent accidental key presses.

Compact yet robust, the HP8024 is one of the smallest CB radio stations available, making it versatile for installation in various car locations without causing disruption. With a frequency range of 26.965 – 27.405 MHz and 40 channels at your fingertips, this transceiver delivers exceptional performance in a sleek and functional design.

Includes: CB Radio, power cable, lighter plug, microphone, microphone holder, and station mounting bracket.


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