Panorama PXK-ICF4-H7 Soft Compressed Helical Antenna 162 – 174 MHz


Panorama compressed helical antenna with Icom connector.


The PXK-ICF4 is an ultra-compressed VHF helical antenna with outstanding bandwidth and compatibility that makes it compatible with a range of mobile radios. It boasts a sophisticated Panorama helical spring constructed from quality copper-clad steel and encased in a robust injection-moulded jacket crafted from advanced TPU thermoplastic, making it weatherproof and able to withstand wear and tear. Not only is this antenna extremely durable, but also cost-effective.


Frequency Range162 – 174 MHz
Power Rated10 W
Gain-5 dBi peak gain
ConnectionICF4 Icom connector
Operating Temperature-40 to 80°C
Jacket MaterialTPU

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Weight0.5 kg