Panorama MMR-5F PMR Mag Mount


Magnetic mount base (heavy duty) with 5 m RG58 coax moulded base terminated in FME female with a selection of terminations.

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Panorama MMR-5F PMR Mag Mount

Antennas are made in the UK using top-quality materials. Tuned to perfection for optimum performance with minimum size. This mount is fitted with Panorama proprietary M10 “modular stud” fitting for all Panorama mobile antennas.

The MMR provides strong magnetic retention and all the benefits of a solution that can be installed without drilling and removed without a trace. The magnetic base ensures that the whip stays securely fastened to the vehicle with no need for permanent installations and can handle long whips designed for low frequencies. The MMR magnetic mounts incorporate a fully moulded construction with high-quality coaxial cable for low loss and long-term reliability. This heavy-duty option ensures the most secure of retentions.


  • Connector: FME (f)
  • Cable: 5 m CS23 (RG58 c/u)



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