Panorama MFXU-ICF4-U Helical Antenna 430–472 MHz


Panorama portable Helical antenna with Icom connector. The frequency range is 430-472 MHz.

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The MFXU-ICF4 is a top performing compressed UHF helical antenna renowned for its wide bandwidth and ability to work with multiple mobile radios. Panorama’s helical spring, which is made from excellent copper-clad steel, is encased in a strong injection-moulded jacket of cutting-edge TPU thermoplastic, giving it the capacity to endure damaging weather and everyday wear and tear.

The MFXU-ICF4 is not only durable, but it is cost-effective as well. The MFX-ICF4 fits the Icom F3/4 SR, F3/4 GT and GS, F31/41/44 GT and GS, F12/22, and ICF25 radios.


Colour Black
Frequency Range 430 – 472 MHz
Power Rated 10 W maximum
Gain 1 dBi peak gain
Connection ICF4 Icom connector
Operating Temperature -40 to 80°C
Dimension 14 mm diameter

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