Panorama MFX-MX-H7 Helical Antenna 162 – 174 MHz


The MFX-MX is a high-performance compressed VHF helical antenna offering excellent bandwidth and compatibility with numerous radios.


The MFX-MX is a high-performance, cost-effective compressed VHF helical antenna made with quality copper-clad steel in the form of a helical spring, provided by Panorama. Its rugged injection-moulded jacket, crafted from advanced TPU thermoplastic material, offers durability and compatibility with numerous radios as well as great resistance to weathering and daily wear and tear.

The MFX-MX fits select Kenwood (TK230/240/250/330/340/350, TK-330/340/350, TK3160), Maxon (SL25/35/55/70/500/600), Motorola (GP300/320/340/344/360/380/388, GP2000, P060/100/110/210, SP10/50, HT600/600E/800, MX1000), Tait 3000, and Entel HT780 radios.


Colour Black
Frequency Range 162 – 174 MHz
Power Rated 10 W maximum
Gain -3 dBi peak gain
Connection MX connector
Operating Temperature -40 to 80°C
Dimension 14.3 mm diameter

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg