Panorama M8A Long Reach Body Mount with Cable


Extended Panel mount base for panels up to 6 mm Thick with 5 m CS23 coax. Panorama Antennas are made in the UK using top-quality materials.


Popular style standard length body mount specially designed for Panorama range of mobile VHF/UHF antennae. Tuned to perfection for optimum performance with minimum size. This mount is fitted with Panorama proprietary M10 “modular stud” fitting for all Panorama mobile antennas. Designed for thicker panels that are between 4 and 6 mm thick and can be fitted internally or externally. Comes pre-wired with 5 m top quality RG58 coax but without a plug.


  • Weight: 150 g
  • Suitable for panels to 4 mm thick
  • 5 m RG58 coax but without plug
  • Designed for Panorama mobile antennas


Panorama M8A Long Reach Body Mount with Cable



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