Panorama GPSC-C3G GPS/800/900/1800/3G Antenna

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Vehicle dashboard mounts LTE and GPS combination antenna. The GPSC makes it easy to get around, providing GPS and GSM cellular coverage improvements in a single discreet and cost-effective device.


Mounting is totally flexible and our unique either-way-up mounting system enables you to position the antenna on or under any surface. Display it or keep it hidden, the choice is yours. The ideal antenna for secure asset management systems.

In order for GPS antennas to consistently provide truly accurate positioning data, they must communicate with as many satellites as possible at any one time. Panorama has invested in software that enables us to monitor which satellites can be seen by an antenna.

  • Frequencies: 698-960 / 1575 / 1700-2700 MHz
  • Cable Length: 3 m
  • Connector: 1 x SMA m (Cellular) + 1 x FME f (GPS)

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