Panorama CDU-U UHF Clip Dipole Antenna


The CDU-U is a UHF dipole antenna mounted on an adjustable clip so is ideal for temporary use. Supplied pre-tuned for Panorama band plan U for 430 – 472 MHz with a gain of 2 dBi.


Enhance the effectiveness and reach of Private Mobile Radio devices with the CDU Series UHF halfwave clip antennas. This antenna allows for optimal signal reception, as users have the ability to adjust its position. The secure spring clip makes it effortless to modify elevation and create necessary space from nearby obstructions. Its versatility makes it well-suited for both temporary and semi-permanent use.

The spring clip’s nylon jaws are completely adaptable for any angle. Rubber moulding encircles the coaxial feeder cable to shield the antenna from weather conditions. The base of the CDU comes equipped with a flexible, low-loss coaxial cable.


  • Rapid deployment
  • UHF 430 – 472 MHz
  • 5 m cable, no connector fitted
  • Ideal for Hire or Fixed Mobile installations

Additional information

Weight7 kg