Panorama BSV-152 Search and Rescue Base Antenna


Panorama Elevated Antennas can be used for temporary field use or permanent installations. Flexible helical elements are used to provide an effective but compact ground plane. The centre fitting has a metal body to carry the radials and a moulded insulator for the radiator. The whip element is plastic coated for weather proofing and durability.


Discover the exceptional Panorama BSV-152 Search and Rescue Base Antenna, meticulously crafted to meet the demanding needs of professionals across all fields. Boasting a frequency range of 152 MHz, this elevated antenna guarantees unparalleled performance in both temporary field applications and permanent installations.

Unleashing its versatility, our Panorama BSV-152 utilizes flexible helical elements that deliver outstanding efficiency without compromising its compact design. This innovative feature ensures convenience during deployment while maintaining optimal signal reception for your critical search and rescue operations.

Crafted with ingenuity, the centre fitting showcases a robust metal body seamlessly integrated with molded insulators to enhance durability. Protected by weather-proof plastic coating, our whip element braves any climatic challenge head-on while preserving its remarkable resilience over time.

Being built for excellence, the N-type socket empowers seamless connectivity. Whether you’re amplifying communication systems or facilitating data transmission between base stations and ground personnel, rest assured that our Panorama BSV-152 stands as your steadfast companion throughout every mission.

Upgrade your search and rescue endeavors now with the unrivaled reliability presented by the Panorama BSV-152 Search and Rescue Base Antenna – engineered for those who demand professionalism fused with uncompromising performance.

Panorama BSV-152 Search and Rescue Base Antenna

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