Panorama AQHB/U 1/4 Wave Antenna 430-472 MHz


With its high-quality construction, practical hinged base, and optimized performance within the frequency range of 430-472 MHz, this antenna ensures reliable signal reception and improved connectivity.


Experience seamless UHF communication with the Panorama AQHB/U 1/4 Wave Antenna, meticulously crafted to meet Panorama’s renowned standards for quality and reliability.

Designed to excel within the frequency range of 430-472 MHz, this antenna ensures optimal performance for a wide array of applications. Whether you’re enhancing your radio communication, improving data transmission, or amplifying your signal strength, the AQHB/U antenna delivers consistent and dependable results.

Featuring a practical hinged base, installation and adjustment are effortless, allowing for flexible positioning to achieve the best signal reception. At 500mm in height, this antenna strikes the perfect balance between compactness and effectiveness, ideal for both indoor and outdoor setups.

Benefit from its pre-tuned bands, specifically optimized for H3-W frequencies, guaranteeing enhanced compatibility and performance within designated bands. With an isotropic gain of 2dBi, enjoy improved signal strength and coverage, ensuring reliable communication even in challenging environments.

Moreover, with a bandwidth of 10% at 2:1 VSWR, this antenna offers excellent versatility, catering to diverse frequency requirements without compromising on signal integrity.

Elevate your UHF connectivity with the Panorama AQHB/U 1/4 Wave Antenna—your trusted companion for superior performance, durability, and seamless communication.

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