Panorama AQHB-H6A 1/4 Wave Slim Hinge Antenna


Enhance your VHF Hi-band communication with the Panorama AQHB-H6A Slim Hinge Antenna. With its sleek black steel whip design and hinged base, this antenna offers both durability and versatility. Pre-tuned for frequencies between 155 and 174 MHz, it fits seamlessly onto various Panorama standard bases.


Upgrade your communication with the Panorama AQHB-H6A Slim Hinge Antenna, your go-to solution for reliable VHF Hi-band reception. Crafted with precision, this antenna boasts a sleek black steel whip design, ensuring both durability and style.

Pre-tuned to perfection for frequencies ranging from 155 to 174 MHz within the Panorama band plan H6A, you can trust it to deliver optimal performance without any hassle. Its hinged base adds versatility, allowing for easy adjustment and installation on various Panorama standard bases, including M8, M8A, MBM, and MMR-5F.

Whether you’re in need of a dependable antenna for professional or recreational use, the Panorama AQHB-H6A Slim Hinge Antenna stands out as the ideal choice, offering unparalleled quality and compatibility. Elevate your communication setup today with this premium antenna.

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