Panorama AOG161.5 On-Glass Antenna 156-174 MHz


The Panorama AOG on-glass antenna is quickly and easily installed on a windshield or rear window without making any holes or using any tools. It offers excellent performance and a typical VSWR of 1:5:1. The antenna couples capacitively through the glass.



Panorama AOG161.5 On-Glass Antenna 156-174 MHz

An extremely efficient VHF glass mount antenna kit, comprising of a 1/4 wave VHF 17/7PH black stainless steel whip pre-cut for 156-174 MHz band, a mounting foot, a coupling box for the reverse side of the glass and 4 m of top quality RG58 cable with a mini UHF connector.


When mounted in a high position, it offers a near omnidirectional radiating pattern similar to a roof-mounted 1/4 wave antenna. The AOG can be removed for the car wash. If you wish to transfer the assembly to another vehicle, the coupling box and mounting foot may be removed without damage, leaving the glass in its original state.


You will require silicone sealant for bonding the foot and coupling box to the glass (not included).



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