Panorama AFQHB-H7 – Hinged VHF Flexi Uncut Antenna (162-174 MHz)


Enhance your VHF communications with the Panorama AFQHB-H7 Hinged VHF Flexi Uncut Antenna, designed for the 162-174 MHz frequency range.


Discover Unmatched Communication Clarity with the Panorama AFQHB-H7 VHF Flexi Antenna – Elevate your mobile communication experience with the Panorama AFQHB-H7, a top-tier VHF Flexi Uncut Antenna designed for superior performance in the 162-174 MHz frequency range. Crafted for versatility and durability, this antenna is a pivotal addition for professionals seeking reliable, crystal-clear transmission.

Flexible and Durable Design – Encased in a robust black nylon tube, the Panorama AFQHB-H7 offers a mobile whip of flexible construction, ensuring it withstands various environmental conditions without compromising performance. The flexibility allows for the absorption of impacts, making it ideal for mobile applications in challenging environments.

Optimal Performance with Precision Tuning – When properly fitted and finely tuned, the Panorama AFQHB-H7 achieves an exceptional typical VSWR of 1.2:1 or less, promising minimal signal loss and enhanced performance. This precise tuning capability guarantees optimal transmission quality, making every communication seamless.

Convenient Removability for Easy Maintenance – Designed with user convenience in mind, the antenna can be easily unscrewed and removed for routine maintenance tasks such as car washing. This feature ensures that your antenna maintains its high performance while allowing for easy upkeep.

High Compatibility Hinged Mount – Featuring a hinged mount and a robust mounting system, the Panorama AFQHB-H7 ensures a high degree of compatibility with various bases and setups. Whether you need a temporary setup for field operations or a permanent installation, this antenna offers seamless integration.

Technical Excellence for Enhanced Connectivity:

  • Gain: 2dBi – ensures robust signal strength and wider coverage
  • Impedance: 50 ohm – standard impedance for VHF applications
  • Maximum Input Power: 60 Watts – accommodates high power for greater range
  • Frequency Range: Specifically designed for the H7 Plan (162-174 MHz)
  • Polarization: Vertical – Omni-directional – provides extensive area coverage

Additional information

Weight 1 kg