Panorama AFQB – VHF Flexi Uncut Antenna 132-512 MHz


This customizable, uncut flexible rubber whip antenna can be precisely trimmed to suit specific VHF frequencies, ensuring optimal performance. Compatible with Panorama mounts and available with optional hinge fitting, it’s perfect for professionals in various sectors seeking reliable and adaptable communication solutions.


Boost your communication capabilities with the Panorama AFQB VHF Flexi Antenna, a versatile and durable antenna designed for professional use. This uncut antenna, ranging from 132 to 512 MHz, offers exceptional flexibility and customization. Trim it to your specific frequency needs, ensuring optimal performance in various communication environments.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Rubber Whip Antenna: Made from high-quality rubber, this antenna is both flexible and durable, capable of withstanding rigorous use in different environmental conditions.
  • Uncut for Customization: The antenna is supplied uncut, allowing you to trim it precisely to your required frequency, making it ideal for a wide range of VHF applications.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Covering frequencies from 132 MHz to 512 MHz, this antenna is versatile for multiple bands, enhancing its utility across different VHF uses.
  • Compatible Mounting: Equipped with a special screw-type mounting, it is perfectly compatible with any of the Panorama range of mounts. This feature ensures a secure and stable connection, boosting your signal reliability.
  • Optional Hinge Fitting: Available with an optional hinge fitting for added flexibility in antenna positioning. Please specify the code SPA-AFQHB when ordering.
  • Pre-tuned Versions Available: For users requiring a specific VHF Hi-band frequency range of 162-174MHz, a pre-tuned version is available by special order. Mention the code SPA-AFQB-H7 at the time of your order.

Technical Specifications:

  • Type of Antenna: 1/4 wave
  • Frequency Range: 132 – 512 MHz

Ideal for professionals in security, transportation, or construction sectors, the Panorama AFQB VHF Flexi Antenna ensures clear and reliable communication. Order yours today and experience the enhancement in your communication setup.

Additional information

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