Panorama AFB-TET Mobile Antenna


The Panorama AFB quarter wave Flexible Whip UHF antenna has a flexible construction in a black nylon tube. This design provides durability without sacrificing RF performance. The Panorama AFB-TET has a frequency range of 380-430 MHz and a gain of 2 dBi.


The Panorama AFM range offers a flexible quarter wave whip antenna designed for UHF frequencies. The antenna is equipped with M6 x 0.75 terminations and a black nylon tube, providing both durability and optimal RF performance. Its Panorama mounting system allows for easy interchangeability between whips and bases, making it suitable for all types of applications, from temporary to permanent installations. This range is compatible with all Panorama GPS combinations and can be used with lightweight magnetic bases.


Frequency 380 – 430 MHz
Peak Gain 2 dBi
Input Power 100 W
Pattern Omni-directional
Diameter 10 mm
Whip Mounting Data M6 x 0.75

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Weight 0.5 kg