New Sirio PL DV Base (N-PL AS Mount) for PL Fitting Antennae


  • Sirio New PL DV Base
  • Suitable for PL-Fitting Antennas
  • Fit PL Fitting Antenna on a DV Base


An SO239 mount with new style DV plug fitting underneath.

Key features / specifications:

  • The mount is for use with leads fitted with the new style DV elbow plug which has a male pin on it.
  • The mount is also supplied with a small pin which allows you to use it with a lead that has the old-style DV plug on it.
  • Made by Sirio and designed to match their range of SO239 fitting antenna (eg Hypower 3000 / 4000), but equally suitable for any make of antenna which has an SO239 fitting.
  • Good rubber seal underneath and supplied complete with a screw-on weather cap.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg