Li-Ion 12V/60Ah Portable Battery Pack

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Upgrade your radio experience with the Li-Ion 12V/60Ah Portable Battery Pack, designed exclusively for professionals seeking high-performance solutions. Harness the power of lithium battery technology, as this extraordinary product boasts a remarkable internal BMS protection circuit. Safeguarding against overcharge, overcharge, over current, and short circuit issues, rest assured that your radio will operate smoothly and securely.



The Li-Ion 12V/60Ah Portable Battery Pack is purpose-built for the radio aficionado seeking unmatched reliability in their professional endeavors. Crafted from cutting-edge lithium-ion technology, this battery delivers exceptional performance without compromise.

Unveiling a formidable internal BMS protection circuit, it stands strong against potential hurdles that may impede your progress. Whether it’s overcharge or over discharge, over current or pesky short circuits – this portable powerhouse defends your equipment with unwavering resilience.

With an impressive capacity of 60Ah and voltage supply of 12V, you can trust this lithium battery to fuel your radio for extended periods effortlessly. No more interruptions or downtime during critical operations – stay connected and boost productivity like never before.

Engineered with precision and fortified by premium materials, our Li-Ion 12V/60Ah Portable Battery Pack epitomizes durability; designed to act as a steadfast companion throughout your demanding profession. Expect uninterrupted power delivery even under the harshest conditions – because settling for anything less isn’t an option when excellence is paramount.

Seize control of your radio experience today with the awe-inspiring Li-Ion 12V/60Ah Portable Battery Pack. Elevate professionalism and embark on a journey where every moment counts – where superior performance meets unrelenting dependability!


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 60Ah
  • Size: 96 x 150 mm

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