Moonraker Scarlett Warrior Famous CB Mobile Antenna


Behold, the epitome of opulence in the realm of communication – the Moonraker Scarlett Warrior Famous CB Mobile Antenna. Renowned as the original and unrivaled pinnacle of antennae technology, this exquisite creation stands tall among its peers with unparalleled performance.

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Operating within a frequency range of 25 to 30 MHz, this fine masterpiece delivers absolute precision and seamless connectivity. Crafted meticulously with a length of 190 cm, it ensures an elegant presence that commands attention wherever your journey may take you.

With a VSWR ratio standing at an impressive 1.5:1 or better, this remarkable artifact guarantees flawless reception every time. No static disruptions or signal turbulence shall ever taint your conversations again – only pure clarity awaits!

Harnessing sheer power like no other, our Scarlett Warrior handles up to an astonishing wattage capacity of 1000 Watts; rendering any obstacles in its path powerless against its mighty amplitude. Engage without restraint knowing that you possess unprecedented strength from within.

Designed for those who appreciate nothing but lavishness even down to the smallest detail, our antenna fitting boasts a standard thread size of 3/8th – ensuring effortless installation without compromising on grandeur.

The Moonraker Scarlett Warrior Famous CB Mobile Antenna – where innovative engineering meets timeless elegance! Indulge yourself in luxurious connectivity fit for gods amongst mortals. Your reach knows no bounds when accompanied by such refined excellence at your fingertips.


Frequency 25 – 30 MHz
Length 190 cm
VSWR 1.5 : 1 or better
Power 1000 W
Fitting Standard 3 / 8 thread

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