Moonraker Scanking HF Discone Antenna


Experience top-notch reception across all HF, VHF, and UHF bands with the Moonraker Scanking HF Discone Antenna. This versatile antenna is perfect for listeners who crave shortwave capabilities but are limited on space for a traditional long wire setup.


The centre radiator features a helical trapped wire encased in durable fiberglass, ensuring optimal performance across all HF bands. With a frequency range of 0.05-2000 MHz and a length of 185cm, this antenna delivers exceptional clarity and range.

Suitable for masts up to 50mm in diameter and equipped with an SO239 connection, the Moonraker Scanking HF Discone Antenna is your go-to solution for reliable signal reception. Upgrade your listening experience today with this must-have accessory!


Frequency 0.05-2000 MHz
Gain Up to 1.5dBi over standard discone
Length 185 cm
Mast Up to 50mm
Connection SO239

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Weight 2 kg