Moonraker Scanking Discone Antenna


Upgrade your reception with the Moonraker Scanking Discone Antenna, a professional-grade antenna designed for all enthusiasts. Covering a wide frequency range from 25 to 1300 MHz, this classic discone antenna offers a gain of 0.05 dBi and a length of 100 cm for optimal performance.


With a sturdy mast that fits up to 50 mm and an SO239 connection, this versatile antenna is perfect for any setting. Whether you’re monitoring air traffic, listening to emergency services, or scanning the radio waves, the Moonraker Scanking Discone Antenna delivers reliable results every time.

Invest in quality reception with this top-of-the-line discone antenna – because when it comes to staying connected, only the best will do.

Moonraker Scanking Discone Antenna


Frequency 25 – 1300 MHz
Gain 0.05 dBi
Length 100 cm
Mast To suit up to 50 mm
Connection S0239

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Weight 2 kg