Moonraker MRQ575 Mobile Antenna 2 / 70 cm


Good configuration of half-wave on 2 metres and two times 5/8 wave on 70 cm gives this dual-band antenna good gain and high performance for an antenna of its size.

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This dual band antenna boasts great gain and performance for a compact size. Its half wave on 2 metres and two times 5/8 wave configuration provides optimal results, complete with a sprung matching coil and a tilt over base mobile whip fitted with the ever-popular PL259 fitting.

Operating on a frequency range of 144-146/430-440 MHz, this versatile antenna ensures exceptional performance across various bands. With compatibility for DMR, Dstar, and Fusion systems, this antenna opens up endless possibilities in your communication endeavors. Seamlessly connect with fellow enthusiasts and experts alike while enjoying crystal-clear reception and transmission capabilities.

Boasting a length of 95 cm, the Moonraker MRQ575 provides optimal signal propagation for enhanced reach. Delivering an impressive power capacity of 100 watts, it guarantees robust connectivity even in challenging environments. The fitting type PL259 ensures easy installation on compatible devices without compromising reliability. Simply connect it to your device using industry-standard connectors and experience virtually limitless connectivity options.


Length 95 cm
Power 100 Watts
Fitting PL259 type
VSWR 1.5:1 or better
Gain 3.2.0 dBd / 5.8 dBd
Frequency 144 – 146 / 430 – 440 MHz
Type Dual band mobile 2 m 1/2 70 cm 2 x 5/8

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