Moonraker MRQ400B Dual Band Antenna


Experience exceptional performance with the Moonraker MRQ400B Dual Band Antenna, perfect for all professional enthusiasts. Designed to elevate your communication game, this antenna boasts a length of 60 cm and is powerfully rated at 50 W – ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in any situation.

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With its fitting PL259 (SO239), installation becomes effortless, allowing you more time to focus on what truly matters. The dual band functionality of 2 m and 70 cm ensures versatile compatibility with various devices, while offering optimal coverage across frequencies.

Equipped with an impressive gain of 0.7 dBd and enhanced reach of up to 3.5 dBd, expect nothing short of crystal-clear signals that defy distance limitations. Whether you’re a dedicated amateur radio operator or seeking reliable long-distance communication solutions, the Moonraker MRQ400B is your ultimate companion!

Prepare yourself for unmatched performance as this antenna effortlessly enhances your signal strength and efficiency even in challenging environments. Its durable construction guarantees longevity amidst diverse weather conditions, making it an essential tool for all professionals who demand reliability.



  • Length: 60 cm
  • Power Rated: 50W
  • Fitting: PL259 (SO239)
  • Dual Band 2 m and 70 cm
  • Gain: 0.7 dBd and 3.5 dBd

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