Moonraker MRQ213 Stainless Steel Telescopic Antenna


Experience exceptional signal strength and range with the Moonraker MRQ213 Stainless Steel Telescopic Antenna. Designed for professionals and suitable for all, this cutting-edge antenna takes your communication to new heights.


Tuneable from 14 – 70 MHz, effortlessly adjust the telescopic whip’s length to achieve optimal reception for any desired frequency. Whether you’re a ham radio enthusiast or a seasoned professional in need of reliable communication equipment, this antenna delivers unparalleled performance.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the Moonraker MRQ213 guarantees durability that exceeds expectations. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting functionality even in harsh weather conditions. Trust in its resilience wherever your pursuits take you.

Featuring a convenient 3/8 thread termination, compatibility is limitless – allowing seamless integration into any conventional mount with ease. Elevate your system’s flexibility by pairing the Moonraker Stainless Steel Telescopic Antenna with existing equipment effortlessly. With an impressive extended reach of 5.25 meters and a collapsed height of just 76 cm, versatility becomes your greatest ally when using this antenna solution.

Suggested Lengths for Bands:

  • 70 MHz (4 metres) 101.5 cm
  • 50 MHz (6 Metres) 141.1 cm
  • 28 MHz (10 Metres) 250 cm
  • 27 MHz (11 Metres) 258.6 cm
  • 24 MHz (12 Metres) 286.1 cm
  • 21 MHz (15 Metres) 336.9 cm
  • 14 MHz (20 Metres) 505.3 cm

Additional information

Weight 2 kg