Moonraker MRM-100P Micro Mag Mobile Antenna


Experience the ultimate freedom of mobility with the Moonraker MRM-100P Mobile Antenna. Specially designed to cater to professionals and enthusiasts alike, this cutting-edge antenna is set to revolutionize your mobile communication experience.



Equipped with a tiny yet robust super-strong magnetic mount, attaching and detaching this antenna becomes an effortless task. No more wasting time on complicated installations or struggling with clunky devices – simply place it on any metal surface, and you’re good to go! With a frequency range of 144 – 146/430 – 440 MHz, the MRM-100P ensures optimal performance across various bands, guaranteeing crystal clear reception for all your communication needs.


Measuring at just 55 cm in length, its compact design doesn’t compromise on power. Capable of handling up to 50 Watts of power output, rest assured that every word will be transmitted loud and clear. The magnetic mount boasts a diameter of 2.5 cm providing exceptional stability during your travels while offering flexibility when choosing mounting locations. Its sturdy construction guarantees durability against harsh weather conditions or bumpy rides.

Featuring a generous cable length of 5 meters (16 feet), enjoy unparalleled flexibility in positioning your device within your vehicle without compromising on connectivity options. The PL-259 male connection ensures seamless compatibility with most mobile radios for easy setup and hassle-free operation.



Length55 cm
Power50 Watts
VSWR1.5:1 or better
Mount2.5 cm Magnetic
ConnectionPL-259 Male
Cable5 metresmini RG174
TypeDual band micro mag
Gain2 M 0.5 dBd, 70 cm 3.0 dBd
Frequency144-146 / 430-440 MHz


Additional information

Weight7 kg