Moonraker MRM-100 Micro Mag Antenna 2 / 70 cm


Kindly take note that the whip can be straightened with the appropriate tool. Optimize your mobility with the compact and powerful magnetic mount, which comes complete with a whip.

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Meet the Moonraker MRM-100 micro mag antenna, a game-changer in the world of dual-band micro mag antennas. With a frequency range of 144 – 146/430 – 440 MHz, this antenna offers exceptional performance for any professional seeking reliable and crystal-clear communication.

Delve into its impressive features: boasting an extraordinary gain of 0.5 dBd on the 2-meter band and an astounding 3.0 dBd on the extended reach of the 70-cm band, delivering unparalleled reception quality is simply second nature to this marvel.

Compact yet powerful, standing at a sleek length of just 55 cm, it effortlessly blends into any environment without compromising signal strength or coverage area. Designed for convenience and efficiency, it boasts a formidable power handling capability up to an impressive maximum threshold of 50 Watts – truly exemplifying its professional-grade pedigree.

No amateur affair here – equipped with an effortless magnetic mount measuring only 2.5 cm in diameter, swiftly installing your new companion becomes child’s play. Simply attach it to any metallic surface and experience instant stability that withstands even demanding conditions without losing grip.

Fitted with a BNC male connection, seamless integration with various radio devices becomes reality within moments – ensuring compatibility across different setups while maintaining optimal performance levels throughout your endeavors.



Length55 cm
Power50 Watts
VSWR1.5:1 or better
ConnectionBNC Male
Magnetic Mount2.5 cm
Cable5 metres mini RG174
Gain2 m – 0.5 dBd, 70 cm – 3.0 dBd
Frequency144 – 146 / 430 – 440 MHz

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