Moonraker MR268S Mobile Antenna 2 Metre


Enhance your mobile communication experience with the Moonraker MR268S Mobile Antenna. Designed for versatility and reliability, this 2-metre antenna is a must-have for professionals seeking optimal performance.

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Operating within the frequency range of 144-146 MHz, this mobile antenna ensures exceptional compatibility across various devices and networks. With a remarkable gain of 3.5 dBd, you can expect improved signal strength and extended coverage even in challenging terrains or congested areas.

Boasting a length of 130 cm, the Moonraker MR268S offers an ideal balance between portability and effectiveness. Crafted using high-quality materials, this antenna guarantees long-lasting durability to withstand demanding conditions. Powerful yet efficient, this 100-watt antenna provides excellent transmission capabilities while minimizing power consumption.

Featuring a PL259-type fitting, installation becomes hassle-free as it effortlessly connects to most compatible devices or mounts with ease on vehicles or fixed installations. Additionally, its sturdy design prevents unwanted swaying or vibrations for undisturbed communication at all times.


Length130 cm
Power100 Watts
FittingPL259 type
VSWR1.5:1 or better
Type5/8 wave mobile
Frequency144 – 146 MHz

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