Moonraker Mini FM 27 Mobile CB Antenna


Behold, the Moonraker Mini FM 27 Mobile CB Antenna – a tiny titan ready to revolutionize your radio reign! Designed for all who crave crystal-clear communication and unbridled broadcasting power, this mini marvel packs a punch that’ll have you soaring high into the stratosphere of signal strength.


With a frequency range spanning from 27 to 28 MHz, our antenna effortlessly tunes into those sweet spots where conversations come alive. Boasting a jaw-dropping power rating of 500 Watts, this featherweight contender is bursting with enough energy to bring your voice booming through even the noisiest airwaves.

Forget cumbersome installations; our Moonraker masterpiece is equipped with a fitting that effortlessly mates with any standard 3/8th thread. No more tangled wires or knotted frustrations! Simply snap it on and prepare for radio perfection in an instant.

Did we mention its uncanny ability to minimize interference? The VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) of just 1.5:1 ensures sublime harmony between transmitted signals and received vibrations. Bid adieu to pesky distortions and enjoy stunning audio clarity as you channel your inner DJ or unravel mind-blowing stories across town.

Measuring at only 75 centimeters long, this antenna proves size doesn’t matter when it comes to remarkable performance. Its compact stature allows for quick mounting on any vehicle without obstructing daring adventures or denting aesthetic appeal.


Frequency 27 – 28 MHz
Power Rated 500 Watts
Fitting Standard 3/8th Thread
VSWR 1.5:1 Typical
Length 75 cm

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg