Moonraker MD-7400 Mobile Antenna


This whip is a wideband mobile antenna that can be manually fine-tuned by adjusting the sliding telescoping coil at its base. The top portion of the whip can also be modified for optimal VHF/UHF performance. Its maximum overall length is 1.77 m and it has a power handling capacity of up to 130 W.


Enhance your communication range with the Moonraker MD-7400 Mobile Antenna. Designed to meet the needs of professionals across various industries, this high-performing antenna ensures superior connectivity in any situation. With a frequency range spanning from 7 MHz all the way up to an impressive 440 MHz, you can rely on its exceptional versatility for seamless transmission and reception of signals. Transmitting up to 130 W (SSB), this antenna empowers you with maximum power efficiency and amplifies your voice like never before.

Featuring a robust PL259 connector, this top-of-the-line mobile antenna guarantees reliable and secure connections every time. The impedance rating of 50Ω further enhances signal stability while reducing interference for crystal-clear communications.

The Moonraker MD-7400 is thoughtfully designed with adjustable length ranging from 0.5 m to 1.77 m, allowing you to optimize its height according to your specific requirements. Slim and lightweight at just 300 g, it offers ultimate portability without compromising performance or durability.


Weight300 g 
Impedance50 Ω
Length0.5 m –  1.77 m
Frequency7 – 440 MHz
Max Power Rating130 W (SSB) 
Type1/4 wave reduced type (HF band), 1/4 wave (50 / 144 MHz band), 5/8 wave (144 / 430 MHz band)

Additional information

Weight7 kg