Moonraker MD-3500 Mobile Antenna


For temporary field operations spanning 80 metres to 6 metres, the MD-3500 is an ideal option. With a maximum wattage handling of 130 watts, this antenna is compatible with any HF radio for easy portability. Its PL259 mount allows for use on existing car mounts. Achieving resonance and minimum SWR is made simple by sliding the antenna.


The Moonraker MD-3500 Mobile Antenna is the epitome of versatility, designed for all those seeking a professional-grade solution in radio communication. With its extensive frequency range of 3.5-30/50 MHz, this Multiband Portable Antenna ensures exceptional coverage across various bands.

Harnessing impressive power rating capabilities of up to 130 W (SSB), the Moonraker MD-3500 guarantees superior performance even in challenging conditions, providing clear and reliable communication when you need it most. Its impedance of 50 Ohms further enhances signal efficiency and transmission quality.

Crafted with care using high-quality materials, this antenna boasts a length of 2.6 meters – optimal for ensuring optimal signal reception without compromising portability or ease of installation. The connector PL259 facilitates hassle-free connectivity with your desired equipment, saving you valuable time during setup.



Length2.6 m
Impedance50 Ohms
Max Power Rating130 W (SSB)
Frequency3.5 – 30 / 50 MHz
Type1/4 wave reduced type (HF Band), 1/4 wave (50 MHz)

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Weight7 kg