Moonraker MAG-270S Mag Mount & Dual Band Antenna


Enhance your communication experience with the Moonraker MAG-270S antenna, a reliable and versatile companion for all radio enthusiasts. This mag mount & dual band antenna boasts an impressive length of 50 cm, ensuring optimal signal reception while its fitting SO-239 guarantees effortless installation.

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With a powerful capacity of up to 50 Watts, this antenna effortlessly amplifies your transmissions across frequencies ranging from 144 – 149 / 430 – 450 MHz. Embrace crystal-clear communication as you explore various frequencies with confidence. Designed to elevate your connectivity, the Moonraker MAG-270S Antenna delivers exceptional gain performance of 3.0 dBd within the 70 cm range. Say goodbye to frustrating weak signals and welcome enhanced transmission quality like never before.

Crafted with utmost precision and durability in mind, this professional-grade antenna is built to withstand rigorous usage without compromising on performance. Whether you’re engaging in amateur radio activities or embarking on adventurous expeditions, rely on the reliability offered by Moonraker’s cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship.


Length50 cm
Power50 Watts
Gain70 cm 3.0 dBd
VSWR1.5:1 or better
Coax4 Metres RG58
BaseProtective Rubber
ConnectionPL259 plug fitted
Frequency144 – 149 / 430 – 450 MHz


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